Days Before Big Announcement, Verizon Is Tweeting From An iPhone

So we’ve got Siegler up in the air travelling to New York in order to watch some Verizon honchos and possibly Steve Jobs unveil a CDMA phone tomorrow morning. As Verizon iPhone anticipation (wow, I will actually be able to make calls! unlimited data!) nears fever pitch, people are grasping at any signs of their iPhone dreams coming true.

For example, along with pointed hints from the @Verizonwireless, it appears that the @Verizon Twitter account has been tweeting from an iPhone in the days leading up to the event, giving the tech media at least one more post about the mythical phone that launched a million page views.

And while it’s totally possible that some Verizon employee owns an AT&T phone, I’m just going to point out that this tweeting thing is interesting, you know, considering …!/VerizonWireless/status/24459354212143104

Via: Rich De Muro/iPhoneSpot