Facebook Begins Moving Everyone Over To New Profile Design

Last month we wrote an extensive overview of Facebook’s new profile design, which reshuffles some of the most popular features to make sure they’re front and center. At the time, Facebook wisely decided to make the feature opt-in, in much the same way that Twitter did when it launched ‘New Twitter’. Apparently the reception has been generally positive, because today Facebook has announced on a blog post that it’s going to begin rolling everyone over to the new profile.

The biggest changes to the profile, for those that haven’t seen it yet, include a handful of photos that are now presented at the top of the page. Most navigation options have been moved to beneath the user’s profile photo (so that the UI is similar to Facebook’s Place Pages). And users now have the ability to share lists of their friends (you could make a list of your coworkers, or teammates for example.

In its blog post, Facebook says that “hundreds of millions” of its users have already made the switch manually.