Can Klout Actually Measure Real-Life Clout? (TCTV)

So now Klout has a trove of cash and some big name investors. Add to that it’s solving a problem plenty of brands desperately want someone– someone other than random social media “experts”– to solve.

But can true influence actually be measured by algorithms, especially algorithms that people can’t find a way to game? And if it can be measured, what is it really worth? What’s the street value of a retweet? Isn’t there something about removing the friction of word-of-mouth referrals that inherently lessen the value of them?

Klout founder and CEO Joe Fernandez does a decent job of convincing me in the clip below that Klout may indeed be on to something big. More important: He’s convinced his team and Kleiner Perkins and Greycroft Partners.

If you’re still a skeptic too, watch the video below.