Adult Entertainment Expo Video: A Close Up Look At The Jimmyjane Form 3

Ah yes, Jimmyjane. John has written about these guys in the past, but it was left to me to step away from the fun and excitement of CES and check them out at last week at the Adult Entertainment Expo, known colloquially as “the porn show.” The Expo wasn’t all dudes getting autographs from their favorite adult stars (though there was certainly a lot of that!), but also a chance for some of the various companies out there to show off their adult-tech wares. In this video with Ethan Imboden, the company’s founder and chief creative officer, we see the latest “marital aid” from Jimmyjane, the Form 3 (as well as the Form 6 and Form 2).

You may have said to yourself, man, the Form 3 looks an awful lot like a mouse. That’s what I thought too when I first saw it. Thankfully the folks at Jimmyjane have a sense of humor about the situation and have put together this here video:

“I think you may have shorted out my transceiver.” I’m pretty sure that’s one of the funnest lines I’ve heard in quite some time.

Also, sorry for the background noise in the video, I think I forgot to turn on the background noise reduction mode in my camera. That, or there’s a man with a French accent living inside my microphone.