Google Bangladesh Site "OwN3D by TiGER-M@TE"

We just got an anonymous tip that Google’s been ‘hacked’ – sure enough, visitors of the company’s Bangladesh search site ( see a defaced landing page rather than the usual search site. As far as I can tell, functions properly, so whether this really constitutes a ‘hack’ is up for debate.

Local Bangladesh media, including online newspaper, reported on the news as well, quoting a CTO of a local ISP, who confirmed the hack.

Nevertheless, it seems like only a subset of users see the defaced landing page, while others report that they can visit and use the search engine without any hiccups.

According to Zone-h, Bangladeshi hacker TiGER-M@TE has been quite active with defacements lately, and has targeted some high-profile sites in the past, including the local website for American Express and Airtel (video).

Update: Google responds that Google Bangladesh has not been hacked. Apparently this is actually a Bangladeshi DNS registry issue that caused users going to and other web addresses to be redirected to to another site. The issue is now resolved but may not clear for a while because of cache issues.