'The Daily Show' Weighs In On The Facebook Investment Frenzy [Video]

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John Stewart took a bite out of Facebook tonight on “The Daily Show,” specifically Goldman Sachs’ recent $450 million investment at a $50 billion valuation and what it means with regards to a possible Facebook IPO in 2012.

Stewart wryly comments on the irony of Zuckerberg’s reluctance to go public, “Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t want to be transparent? The guy whose immense success was founded on mining our personal data, the guy who shares my photos with the whole world unless I change my privacy settings every half an hour!?”

Stewart also goes on to call John Battelle’s Web 2.0 Summit “Nerdfest 2008” and show hypothetical pictures of Facebook employees having a money fight and frolicking in a cash bonfire and well …

Just watch. Trust me, it’s good.