Ustream Is Also Coming Bundled On Verizon's 4G Android Phones

Verizon is really looking to push the capabilities of its 4G network when it arrives on Android handsets later this year. Earlier today we wrote about a partnership the carrier had forged with streaming music service MOG to put that company’s apps on every 4G Verizon Android phone. Now Ustream has announced a similar partnership: every 4G Verizon Android phone will be shipping with Ustream installed as well.

The application will let you both broadcast and view live video streams, with integrated chat and social network integration for posting your videos to Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Obviously this is good news for Ustream in terms of getting exposure, and, as with MOG, this is the kind of application users are going to be eager to try to test out their new speedy connections.

This is the first time that Ustream will come bundled on a mobile phone. These partnership can be huge when it comes to boosting adoption, as evidenced by Qik’s jump from 600,000 to 5 million users in the last year, largely due to its partnerships (Qik was just acquired by Skype).