Twitter For Mac Comes With A Secret Backdoor To Thank The MacHeist Loyalists

As we confirmed yesterday, the news of Tweetie 2 for Mac (aka Twitter for Mac) launching today was real. Erick doesn’t seem to like the app too much, but he’s also a TweetDeck addict. My immediate reaction is that it’s like the original Tweetie for Mac but much faster and cleaner. In other words, I love it so far. But there’s something else. A little secret of the app, with a backstory.

Those following Tweetie 2 for Mac news closely will recall that originally the app was in development when Twitter acquired the product and its developer, Loren Brichter. Their main goal there was to get Tweetie for the iPhone, which they quickly turned into Twitter for iPhone. But fans were disappointed when Twitter for iPad then launched a few months later to talk that there were no plans to do anything with the Tweetie for Mac product. One group of users were particularly upset by this: MacHeist users.

The reason is that as a part of the MacHeist nanoBundle 2 last year, they promised an exclusive first look at the initial build of Tweetie 2 for Mac. But again, the Twitter deal changed that. Until today.

MacHeist is in the process of sending out a message to people who bought the bundle letting them know that they’re making good on their promise. While the app is obviously out there for all, there is a secret backdoor built into the app just for MacHeist users. To access the area, you’ll need a valid name/license combo from MacHeist. And if you have that, you’ll have access to “super cool things – secret experimental preferences and options, and promised access to pre-release builds of Twitter for Mac. A glimpse into the future,” MacHeist promises.