Hours After Launch, Lackluster Apps Inspire A "Worst Of" The Mac App Store

If you’re as chained to Apple products as we are, you probably spent a couple hours this morning exploring the nascent Mac App Store or as I like to call it, the Productivity Toilet. And you are not alone, hours after launch some industrious (and foul mouthed) UI enthusiast has created “Read the fucking HIG,” a Tumblr compilation of terribly designed Mac Apps.

While we found it on Twitter of course, we hear this has been making the rounds at Apple all afternoon, “I can’t stop laughing. Every post is quotable” one employee told us. True.

These two in particular made me spit out my coffee.

Declaration for Mac by Clint Bagwell Consulting

“in the reviews:

“good lay out. this app does a perfect job presenting the Declaration in a simple but elagent way[sic]”

you cant make this shit up”

Vegas Pool Sharks by RESETgame

“ok just some sort of pool game i guess the custom buttons are abhorrent bOH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE”

And in case you’re curious what the bar is, here is Apple’s actual HIG (Human Interface Guide, basically developer UI recommendations). Enjoy.