Clickfree Brings Total Funding To $33 Million With Intel Capital Investment

Clickfree this morning said it has received an investment from Intel Capital that brings its total funding raised to more than $33 million, following an earlier $15 million financing round (PDF) secured back in August 2010.

Clickfree, which is actually a brand name (the company’s called Storage Appliance Corporation), provides a range of computer backup products.

PC and Mac users can simply plug a Clickfree device into their computer’s USB port, and the company says its patented automated backup technology will then take care of the rest (at least for the 400 file type it’s able te recognize).

No need to download or install software, which makes for a pretty compelling offer.

Clickfree is currently available in 35 countries and more than 7,000 retail locations. Aside from the funding from Intel’s venture capital arm, the Intel PC client group and Clickfree are also working on business and technical collaboration to further enhance PC backup capabilities.