Report: Facebook Revenue Was $777 Million In 2009, Net Income $200 Million

DST and Goldman Sachs’ $500 million investment in Facebook has obviously stirred up the tech and financial journalism pot and all sorts of amazing information is now coming to light regarding the social network’s financials. On this note the WSJ is reporting that Goldman is now offering potential investors a Facebook “snapshot” which outlines site traffic, ad statistics and other analytics.

Additional details about 2009 revenue were also revealed during the Goldman solicitation process. From the WSJ:

“According to people familiar with the document, Facebook had net income of $200 million in 2009 on revenue of $777 million. Figures for 2010 weren’t disclosed, but analysts have said the company’s revenue last year could be as much as $2 billion, fueled by advertising growth.”

The unofficial “guess Facebook’s revenue” game has been going on for a long time, but we have to say Inside Facebook came the closest for 2009, pinning it at around 700 million back in March. Their estimated breakdown below.