What's Next, People Start Making Hats Out Of Quora Questions?

Wow this happened almost as fast as last night’s #lessambitiousmovies hashtagasm crept up on us — This morning we woke up to find out that some pretty ambitious person had created a Cafepress T-shirt business from the collective Twitter experience.

Now for just 19.99 you can own the magic of  A Clockwork Clementine, The Average Lebowski, 299, Full Metal Sweater Vest, Napolean Bottlerocket, Scratchface, The Godmother, Edward Fingerhands, Permanent Resident Kane, and Permanent Resident Kane in sartorial form.

In case you needed more proof that this was like, a thing here are some #lessambitiousmovies inspired movie posters (courtesy of Sean Percival).