Is @Betfairpoker the new @ShitMyDadSays ? No, really

The wonderful thing about Twitter is that is can be used in many different ways. @ShitMyDadSays was a simple account which recounted the saying of a New York pensioner in all their unfiltered glory, and even became a TV show. But corporate entities – and it has to be said, startups – rarely do anything so brave.

Not so Betfair which, fresh from it’s IPO has been running a Twitter account, Betfairpoker, to promote its Poker section. Except the link to the Poker section on the profile is just about all you’ll see to associate it with the world of betting, poker, or anything so mundane and temporal.

Instead, whoever is running the account is taking it on a wild, fantasy-filled flight of fantasy and with total official sanction. Why? Because we just checked with Betfair’s PR people and they say it’s an official account just, you know, doing it’s thing.

So here for you is a selection of tweets from today. But it’s clear this account has been waxing poetically from weeks now. Admittedly it might not be news to you, but it surely looks hilarious to us. In fact, it’s so good, I might even take up Poker…