I Didn't Know You Could Do That With Google Docs


If you think Google Docs is too barebones, especially for presentations, take a look at the video above. The animation was created by Tu+, Namroc, and Metcalf Anything using only Google Docs. It was their entry in the Google Demo Slam, which showcases creative videos of Google products in action. The video has already been watched more than one million times.

I can barely create a bar chart in PowerPoint, so I find this particularly impressive. Although I must admit that whenever I try to create charts in Google Docs I fail miserably there as well. Maybe we should hire these guys to do our charts.

And as an extra bonus, below is another Demo Slam video featuring the band Weezer demonstrating how Google Voice Search can even pick up a packed hall of fans screaming “Weezer!”

(Hat tip to Marissa Mayer and FlowingData).