Exclusive: Opera To Show Off Browser For Windows 7 Tablets, Netbooks At CES

Opera Software on Monday teased a preview of Opera for Tablets, a custom browser for hybrid touch devices, which it said would be debuting at CES this week.

In a video, embedded below, the company briefly showed the product in action on an Android tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Tab to be more specific.

TechCrunch has now learned that the company will also show off some Windows 7 tablets and netbooks running its latest browser at CES – we’ll see if the CrunchGear team can shoot some videos of those at the annual show.

Unlike Opera’s other mobile browsers, which are custom-built for smartphone devices (including Android phones), Opera for Tablets seems to be more fit for larger touch screens, including the ability to smoothly scroll and zoom Web pages.

Opera has confirmed to us that the touch browser will also by shown running on Windows 7 notebooks at CES, but says it will only demonstrate a public preview, and that a public download release will be something for the future. Same goes for the Android version.

Don’t hold your breath for the browser to come to the iPad; although many expected never to witness Apple approve Opera Mini for the iPhone either, of course, so who knows?