Angry Birds pecks its way on to the PC via Intel's app store for netbooks

Angry Birds, the wildly popular game on a raft of smartphones, has made its way to the PC.

Sometime overnight a version for Windows XP/7 became available via Intel’s AppUp store, which specifically targets Netbooks.

The app costs $9.99/£5.99/€7.99, although for a limited time gamers can get in on the action for $4.99. The choice to launch on Intel’s desktop app store, which very much borrows from the smartphone model of ‘on-deck’ offerings, is also interesting in light of Apple’s own pending Mac store. Angry Birds has established itself as an iPhone classic so we’ll likely see it fly off the shelves (pun intended) if or when it lands (sorry, again) on Macbooks and the like.

As for the game itself, it stays true to its roots: Once again “the survival of the Angry Birds is at stake”, packing in 195 levels and hours of gameplay, says its maker Finland-based Rovio Mobile. In addition, those that shell out for the game can expect free updates and additional levels in the future, along with a few unique twists not found in the mobile version.


Check out the ever so slightly blurry video of the game below.