Next Windows Phone 7 update called "NoDo", not to be confused with ManGo

There’s a man in town saying that Windows Phone 7’s first update will get its RTM (Release to Manufacturers) as early as this week, in time for Ballmer’s CES appearance.

That same mysterious man (actually Paul Thurrott from Windows Phone Secrets), also says that the update is called “NoDo”, which is an abbreviation of an obscure reference to Android’s v1.6 “Donut” update (NoDo stands for “No Donuts”).

Don’t get it? Nor did I. It’s meant to refer to the fact that Donut was a minor update to Android 1.5, and Microsoft will only release major updates, à la Windows (as in the desktop version) Service Packs. I’ll leave it to you guys to argue on whether that’s a good move or not.

The juicier news is that, yes, this update will bring Copy & Paste (which we already knew) CDMA location support (think Sprint and Verizon), support for additional Qualcomm chipsets, and a pile o’ bug fixes.

Further to this, Monsieur Thurrott also says that ManGo (the capitalisation is my own, I just like the look of it alongside NoDo) won’t be the next update, and — while it’s within the 75xx code branch, it identifies itself as v7.2. So, we’ll have to wait and see if it will end up as v7.5 or not when it lands in August/September (maybe).

Interesting tidbit: the 75xx code branch is known internally as the “entertainment” branch, so we can probably expect a few fun features to make it into the update.

Now, all we have to do is wait for Ballmer’s appearance at CES later this week.

[via Engadget]