The Most Essential Technology Predictions For 2011, Ever [Video]

You might remember social media comedian Alex Blagg from “The Greatest Elevator Pitch You’ve Ever Seen.” Now he’s taken 2011 by the horns with “Important Internet & Tech Predictions That Will Definitely Happen In 2k11 (VIRAL VID),” making fun of the infinite series of prediction posts that come out this time of year.

I’ve watched the above video three times this morning and I still can’t get over “There will be a ton of real huge deals, who are the players? It doesn’t matter” line, because it’s totally something I would say.

Those of you who really want to read a more serious predictions post can do so here (some of them have come true four days in even). Now if you’ll excuse me, I need get back to work on my new predictions book, What Experts Expect When They Are Expecting. See you in 2012!