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MyFacture raises €1 million so you can invoice clients from your mobile phone

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MyFacture, a little French startup situated in La Rochelle has just announced that it has raised €1 million with Alto Invest. Not to worry if you haven’t heard of many startups from La Rochelle, the town’s entrepreneurial activity isn’t exactly that of Paris, Nantes or elsewhere. Still, this company – founded in January 2010 – managed to score funding in order to bring its invoicing software to mobile platforms – namely smartphones and tablets. I guess this means entrepreneurs will now be happily sending invoices directly from their mobile phones while on the go.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the concept, MyFacture essentially facilitates the creation and management of invoicing. Rather than invoicing via Excel, independent entrepreneurs (France has lots of independent entrepreneurs because of the auto-entrepreneur status that was created in 2008) and small businesses can use MyFacture to generate invoices in a few clicks. Aside from being able to simply manage clients and generate invoices, users can also send them via email or even use the company’s mailing service – starting at €1.50 per document sent.

Still, even if MyFacture is planning on taking its SaaS solution to mobile devices, it won’t be the first French startup to do so. MonAE, one of its local competitors with over 7,100 users, already has released its very similar billing software for both the iPhone and Android. Yet, it’s just a mobile version of its website and not a real application. And iScriba, another of the local players, still isn’t showing signs of going mobile.

The company founded by the former team behind Cleargay (now MeeticGay), a dating startup that was acquired by French dating giant Meetic in 2007, offers its service for a monthly subscription starting at €7.50/month. But if you want to try the service (in French) without paying, the company offers a free trial period of 30 days – so that you can finally ditch Excel invoicing.

  • David Bonilla

    It’s incredible get €1M of funding for another billing app with mobile features.

    Getting this, based at a small town like La Rochelle gives an extra point to the team

    Congrats guys!

    • Alain Mevellec

      Thanks David :-) French are special with invoicing (legal stuff), mabe that’s why we get interest over english speaking solutions ;-)

      • David Bonilla

        I think that We (europeans) have the same boring regional stuff with invoices and taxes :)

        We (spaniards) some alternatives like but We don’t have nothing like Alto Invest.

        Your UX and design rocks! It worths, at least… €1M :D

        Best Regards for you and the rest of the team

      • Alain Mevellec

        Spain is next stop for us… Just because its as complicated as french stuff…

        Did that on our previous startup and it work like a charm… Hope we can do it again :-)

      • David Bonilla

        What was your last startup? is It public?

      • Alain Mevellec

        A dating site, sold to Meetic in 2007.

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