BitTorrent Hits 100M Active Monthly Users, 400K Client Downloads Per Day

BitTorrent seems to be growing like a weed – the company just announced that it’s hit 100 million monthly users of its software, the BitTorrent Mainline client and µTorrent. That’s up from 80 million monthly users most recently.

The company also revealed that it has over 20 million daily active users, over 400,000 daily client downloads, and uses are checking in to the clients from over 220 countries every day.

Put simply, BitTorrent’s clients make easy for users to downloads large files online.

Using the BitTorrent protocol, files are distributed in small pieces from peer-to-peer without the need for centralized data centers.

These files are downloaded from many different origins in pieces and are also uploaded in pieces at the same time to other consumers, which means that the more people who are downloading a file, the more who are also concurrently uploading it to others, so availability increases as demand increases.

BitTorrent recently released its annual list of the most popular searches on KickassTorrents; with Inception taking the top spot.