Outsourcing Platform Freelancer.com Hits 2M Users – Guess Where Most Are Based?

Outsourcing marketplace Freelancer.com (formerly known as GetAFreelancer) has hit a milestone: 2 million professionals have registered for its service to date.

That’s up from 1 million in October 2009.

The Sydney, Australia-based startup says the 2 million users (which I seriously doubt are all active) hail from 240 countries. The largest country represented is the United States, with over 21% of users. Second to the U.S. is India, with 19%.

Following the top 3 countries, in order, is the UK, Pakistan, Canada, the Philippines, China, Bangladesh, Romania and Australia.

Freelancer.com indicates that over 890,000 projects have been posted on the marketplace so far, from projects as simple as designing a website (~$200) or logo design (~$30) to stuff like “Design of a Fully Functional Dune Buggy” ($268) and “Composition of a Rap Song to help Chinese Students Learn English” ($102).

The company says some of its most prolific users are making hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to its platform.

Earlier this year, Freelancer.com acquired virtual content marketplace Freemarket.com. And just last week, they purchased LimeExchange, adding another 80,000 freelancers from around the world to its userbase.