Would Buying Leon's Resident Evil 4 Jacket Make You A Cosplayer?

How many of you played Resident Evil 4 and thought to yourself, “Man, Leon has a really nice jacket”? I certainly did. Like, I really did: I walked around stupid New York trying to find a jacket that even resembled his jacket. No luck. If only Capcom had thought of this sooner, then.

Yes, it’s an exactly recreation (replica?) of Leon’s bomber jacket from Resident Evil 4. There’s the small problem of it only being officially available in Japan, but there are ways around that.

It’ll run you around $315, plus whatever deal you cut with the person/agency to help you snag one.

My question is, is this considered cosplay? I just think it’s a nice-looking jacket in the same way that I think Roberto Mancini wears nice-looking jackets.