Dashwire Raises Another $1 Million For Mobile Services Platform

Dashwire, which offers a mobile services platform for carriers, handset manufacturers and retailers, has raised $1 million in debt financing, according to this SEC filing.

Dashwire’s Dashworks platform (PDF) is a “mobile-plus-web app” solution that helps people setup their phones, migrate from one device to another, backup everything on the phone, keep it in sync online and share photos and videos with others through social networking services.

The platform is available for Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry.

Dashwire is privately held and based in Seattle. According to its about page, the company is backed by investors who “built the wireless and technology industries” at McCaw Cellular, Western Wireless, Voicestream, Nextel, China Unicom, and Microsoft; and by Best Buy Capital.

Founder and CEO of Dashwire is Ford Davidson, a former Product Manager in the Mobile Devices group at Microsoft.