Search Etsy Listings By Color With Glancely

Let’s say you want to find that perfect quirky little black dress for New Year’s Eve? Like a mashup of EtsyFlickr color search and Google Instant, Glancely lets you search Etsy visually, sorting instant results by color and by price so you can scan through multiple green knit caps or purple socks or whatever handmade items your heart desires. Hold your mouse over an item to get a closer look and click on an item to go straight to its Etsy profile.

The most interesting thing about Glancely is that creator Davin Bentti plans to expand beyond Etsy, his ultimate goal being thousands of retailers and millions of products and searching. He is currently adding more upscale retailers like MacMall, Kidorable, GelaSkins, Scarpasa and and has BestBuy, FinishLine, Linea Pelle and PrincetonWatches in the queue, considering “pretty much anyone who has images big enough to use.”

While TheFind and Milo also offer visual shopping search, the results are sometimes underwhelming from a visual standpoint. Says Bentti, “The concept of visual search results isn’t really being exploited the way I think it potentially could be and the technology is either there now, or will be soon.”

Glancely is currently looking for seed funding. Aside from further expansion and product scaling, Bentti plans on eventually having a Glancely mobile app, visual input for search and potentially localized results.