Zumbox Raises $9.7 Million More For Paperless Postal System

Zumbox, a privately held company that offers a digital mailbox and filing system based on your street address, has raised a little over $9.7 million in venture capital, according to this SEC filing.

In August 2009, Zumbox announced that it had raised $8 million from a number high-profile investors, including Michael Eisner, the former CEO of Walt Disney and Rick Braddock, the former CEO of Priceline.com.

This round brings the company’s total amount of funding raised to $17.7 million.

Zumbox is a free service that provides you with a combination digital mailbox / filing system based on your street address. The company works directly with mailers to automatically deliver a digital version of the mail they already send to people. As soon as you verify your identity and address with Zumbox, you can opt to have mail delivered digitally.

Once in your ‘Zumbox’, you can view your mail from your computer or mobile device, set reminders, follow links to pay bills or access your account, print specific pages and organize an archive that will be available whenever you need it.

The service has been available in beta since December 2008.

Zumbox has also established a subsidiary (Zumbox Software) to license its platform to postal authorities and commercial entities worldwide.