Facebook Lets You j.mp Again, After Massive Spam And Malware Concerns

As we reported yesterday, Facebook for a while blocked all j.mp short URLs provided by parent company bit.ly in status and page updates.

Asked for more information, Facebook said it was working with bit.ly to resolve the issue, and that more than 70% of j.mp links pointed to spam or “other security issues” at the time the block was imposed.

Thanks to our original tipster on the story, William Albano, we’ve now learned that j.mp links can now again be posted to Facebook walls worldwide.

For what it’s worth, bit.ly hasn’t said much about the blocking on its blog or Twitter account, but since they’re not disputing the 70% spam and malware claim from Facebook, we’re assuming that this was actually the case.

Shows you still need to be careful of which short URL you click – consider the source, primarily, and look for a browser extension that automatically shows destinations for short URLs, or take other precautions.