"The Fastest, Easiest, Cheapest And Universal Means Of Communication"

We’re always pretty excited when people contact us for some new technology they’re developing, a startup they’re building, or a refreshing innovation they’ve come across. (We also like it when we get a heads up when companies or technologies screw up, but I digress).

It is thus with great joy that I found an email in our anonymous tips inbox this morning with the tasty subject line: “The Fastest, Easiest, Cheapest, Most Omnipresent, and Universal Means of Communication”.

Anxious to try this speedy, inexpensive and simple product or service out, I opened up the email, which read:

In Alpha Preview! This company can deliver access to the internet without even an internet connection–for 100% free–on every telephone in the world… Who else but you should cover it… Imagine 4 times the reach of the entire internet!

I’m pretty imaginative, so I was even more psyched than I was when I had only read the subject line. The only problem: that was the entire email I copied above. Sent anonymously.

Not including any links or any other indication which company or service it concerns.

I make fun, but I’m posting this because it’s an excellent opportunity to give you some insight on how best to reach the writers here at TechCrunch. Pro tip: there’s a pretty big box on the top right of this very page that leads to this page, where all is explained as well.

In short, the best way to get in touch is using the tips@beta.techcrunch.com email address – it goes to all writers, so if anything interesting lands in there we’re bound to spot it. If you include your contact details, apart from the email address you sent your message from, it’s easier for us to get in touch if warranted.

(We’re also pretty good at quickly spotting what’s staggeringly uninteresting, so use with care)

If you’d like to stay anonymous, though, use this form instead. This is really anonymous, by the way – unless you tell us who you are, we won’t have a clue. It also means we have no way of contacting you whatsoever, unless you explicitly want us to.

If you’d like to contact us for another reason than getting the attention of the editorial team (i.e. to submit your company profile, to get listed in CrunchBase, to advertise on TechCrunch or to get in touch with our webmaster), there’s plenty of information on the contact page.

Email still works best, in general, despite its many disadvantages.

It’s fast, easy, cheap, omnipresent and universal.