Madvertise brings location-based mobile ads to Germany

Madvertise, the Berlin-based mobile ad network, has added location-based targeting to its array of options – a first in Germany, claims the company.

Advertisers can now reach customers based on their exact GPS location, city, region or state. This is in addition to existing targeting such as channels, carriers, operating systems and devices, which, says madvertise, allows for relatively accurate targeting in respect to age, sex and income level.

Its location-based mobile ads rely on apps that are already polling GPS as part of their functionality. However, where GPS data isn’t captured, madvertise’s system falls back on other “localization algorithms” to determine a user’s position, which we presume is a mix of IP address and/or cell positioning.

Madvertise has also announced that it’s rolling out its next generation of mobile ads, which include support for rich media. A few other updates:

Its increased its reach from 60 million page impressions per month to over 700 million, while it now targets 50 countries (up from 3 since its launch last year).

Madvertise is now the performance advertising partner for 50% of the top 10 mobile publishers in Germany (including Vodafone), according to the company. Other majors brands who have placed international campaigns, include Ford, Lufthansa and Continental.

In the same year, the company has grown its staff from 10 to 30 employees.

And, finally, back in March madvertise closed a series A round from Earlybird Venture Capital and the startup’s previous investor and co-founder Team Europe Ventures. The actual amount wasn’t disclosed but was said to be in the “medium single-digit million Euros” range. Part of the new funds were penciled in for International expansion, something the company says its on track to execute on.