Ladieshoesme: the dating site where ladies pick a man like a pair of shoes

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Oh man, it’s going to be hard not to let my feminist side shine through writing about this topic, but I’ll try my best! Ladieshoesme is a brand new French dating site, launched officially on December 13th, where ladies pick a man as if he were a pair of shoes…literally.

Members essentially have to identify themselves as a pair of shoes on the platform. That means, when you create your profile, you also have to include a picture of your favorite pair of shoes. Don’t have one? Not to worry, the site has a selection you can choose from. Plus, you have to also include some information in your profile regarding shoes and feet – like “For me, shoes are…(fill in)” or “What I really hate to see on someone’s feet is…(fill in).” It’s kind of silly and kind of fun, but does this whole expressing yourself via shoes business really change that much?

Yet, I can definitely see why the founders decided to equate men with shoes – in fact, I often have difficulty distinguishing the two. Ok, not really. To be honest, the whole “women are obsessed with shoes” cliché kind of annoys me. But to be fair, allowing members of a dating site to express themselves via an inanimate object is rather creative – whether it’s food or shoes or whatnot. And it turns out that the team actually decided to develop this idea after reading a report stating that roughly 1 out of every 3 people finds shoes to be an important factor on a first date. People, not necessarily women. Ok, I’ll end my feminist banter here.

Going back to Ladieshoesme, the community has a self-selection procedure kind of similar to that of AttractiveWorld, the French dating site which closed a 4th round of funding back in May. However, for the Ladieshoesme community, only the women get a say in who can join. Adoptaguy is another French dating site that aims at giving women maximum control in a similar way. For this site and Ladieshoesme, it’s only the men that pay for the service – whether it be a monthly subscription or buying simple credits to send messages. On the Ladieshoesme platform, packs of credits start at €4.90 and monthly subscriptions range from €24-29.90.

The site is currently only available in France but the team is looking at going international rather quickly. Plus, keep an eye out next time you buy a pair of shoes online, from Zappos, Sarenza, Spartoo, etc. Who knows, perhaps the e-commerce sites and dating sites will team up for some special offers !

  • james

    This reminds me of every David Lee Roth video I have ever seen…

  • David

    Ladies, Hoes, Me. Sounds like a great site. I hope the ladies pick me though.

    • Alina

      David ROFL :-), “Ladies Hoes Me” is exactly how I read the site name. It is really funny.

      I thought it was a platform for men to sign up as a pimp in their local area :-)

      I do not know how French entrepreneurs who do not command English as a mother tongue opt for such a terrible URL name

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  • zibas

    Oh, boy, if this was man picking woman like they were an item, we would have every feminist knoking on their door with guns and pitch work.

    • Dj Hyjak

      Didn’t you know objectification is only bad when men do it.
      Of course most guys would love to be objectified.

  • Nick

    What a co-incidence, I’m just about to launch :)

  • JohannQ

    It’s finally there – the dating plattform for foot-fetishists ^^

  • reddys

    @David…haha..good one…
    Ladies Hoes Me :P
    so it works for both men & women.
    women get to see men as shoes and men get to see them as hoes

  • Siliconpm

    Am I the only one that read that name wrong?

  • Trisha P.

    I think a better idea would be to use fragrance brand to represent yourself.

  • ali

    I hope they don’t start comparing the size of the shoe with the size of ….:P

  • Filippo

    Ehm… are you sure that this idea is so “feminist”? It sounds more like “We desperately need to leverage some form of obsession to lure women to our site” (while a suitable men’s obsession is not terribly hard to figure out).
    I must say that I find much healthier to choose a woman for her boobs than to choose a man for the shoes he may be wearing…

  • david

    Their URL is horrible, I immediately saw Ladies, Hoes, Me which obviously sounds much more chauvinist.

    @reddys – funniest comment I’ve read in a while

    • james

      Yeah, it also sounds like “Ladies choose me”

      It is kind of all over the place, but it probably sets the right tone. Too bad guys have to pay, it will probably turn into a “Guys Shoes Me” website…

      actually maybe not… it looks well thought out…

  • Hooo

    Definitely ladies hoes and me!

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  • Dan

    So it annoys you that people say that women are obsessed with shoes (which is a true fact) but you don’t mind at all making nasty man-hating remarks in the same sentence that you can’t really tell the difference between men and shoes? You “feminism” is just hatred of men.

    • Dan

      Oh sorry, only in the same paragraph. That makes a big difference.

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