They Got Him! Children's Cancer Ward Console Thief Apprehended

You guys, some days I love the internet. Do you remember that despicable burglar who made off with a bunch of consoles from a children’s hospital? Well, I’ve got good news and more good news.

The local police have made a point of tracking down the villain, and have apprehended a Mr. Charles Hinton on suspicion of the crime. Tip to would-be criminals: don’t wear distinctive glasses and facial hair when committing crimes on camera. So there’s that!

Not only that, but the crime attracted the attention of do-gooders around the country, and the hospital has been gifted a ton of stuff from local shops and elsewhere. In fact, my own post (and I take no credit for this at all, especially since it was originally from HardOCP) got picked up by none other than Motley Crue’s Nikki Six, who talked it up on his radio show and helped bring it to the attention of some game companies. The result?

I think we can safely overlook the blatant plugging of the “Sixx Sense” show considering the good that has been done here. ‘Tis the season for promoting!

Anyway, hope this makes the season a little warmer for you guys. One scumbag is behind bars, and a bunch of kids just had their holidays made. Thanks to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Nikki Sixx, Nintendo, Sony, Disney, Activision, EA, Microsoft, generous locals, and the internet.

And if you still feel like helping out, remember that Child’s Play is still accepting donations for other hospitals in similar situations.