Rumour: Samsung Epic 4G Froyo update coming day after Christmas

Even if all you Samsung Epic 4G owners out there were particularly naughty this year, Sprint will give you some festive love the day after Christmas: a much anticipated Froyo update for your favourite toy.

Of course, Froyo is by now getting a little stale, with the much fresher (and festively themed) Gingerbread on the scene, but that doesn’t mean you guys won’t enjoy the extra speed that the Just-In-Time compiler brings, or the ability to install applications to the external memory.

Phone Arena unearthed the screenshot that you see above, and they also note that the rollout only begins on the 26th, and should take about 4 days to reach every customer.

Along with all the expected Froyo fun, the update will also bring:

  • Improved Bluetooth device support
  • Bluetooth Voice Dialing
  • Flash Player 10.1
  • GPS Enhancements

So, after a long and tiring Christmas filled with food, presents, and family arguments, what better way to spend the next day, than spending time with those you love updating your phone’s firmware.

[via BGR]