Chirpstory Lets You Filter And Bundle Tweets Into Stories

Curation, the concept of filtering and organizing online content to separate signal from the increasing noise in social media, is currently one of the most discussed buzz words in the web industry. The number of curation tools, however, is still (relatively) low: Storify, which launched during TechCrunch Disrupt, and are probably the most prominent examples at this point.

Enter Chirpstory, a new and Twitter-focused curation tool, which lets you gather and share collections of tweets around a specific topic. Popular news items, events, or trends may see thousands of related tweets, retweets and spam posts in a matter of hours: Chirpstory offers a way to curate and “summarize” related tweets in the form of a continuous or thematic narrative.

Each story (you can also call this a list or summary) is hosted on an easy-to-read, dedicated page hosted on or can be embedded on external sites. The way it works is simple: on the “Create story” page, just choose a headline and drag relevant tweets loaded in the left-hand column and drop them to the right (or use the Chirpstory Chrome web app).

You can then add videos and pictures from the web, edit the story, and publish it- logging in with your Twitter account is enough.

All stories can be shared with others, tagged, commented on, kept private (as a personal archive) or saved in a “Storybook”. Examples: the Chirpstory page for MG Siegler’s recent article on Google, a list of stories tagged with “funnytweets” or the story (a tribute) for the late Elizabeth Edwards (see screenshot below).

Developed single-handedly by ex-Yahoo Japan employee Toshiaki Yoshida, Chirpstory is the international version of Togetter, Japan’s most popular Twitter curation service. Togetter (which is also Yoshida’s brainchild) was launched in September 2009 and currently boasts two million unique users.