T-mobile to offer 4G HSPA+ mobile hotspot come Feb 2011

My Momma used to always say* that you’re not a real geek unless you’re beaming out WiFi, but these days — with the advances in mobile technology that have happened since 1994 — I usually say that the you’re not a real geek unless you’re beaming WiFi with a 21Mbps back end.

So, are you a real geek, or just a poseur? If you’ve got the guts (short for geek nuts), come February 2011, you’ll be knocking down the door to your local T-mobile store to get their first 4G mobile hotspot. Or, at least according to T-mo news you will.

Now, the real geeks will know that there is no price when it comes to maintaining your geek cred, and that’s just as well, as we don’t have a price for this yet.

What we do know, however, is that it carries the (unfortunate) codename of “Lil’ Wayne”, and that it will be one of two mobile hotspots released in 2011. The other device’s codename hasn’t leaked. I don’t even want to stipulate on what it may be called.

[via Slash Gear]

*Momma never said this.