Samsung Galaxy S hits 2 million units sold in Korea, soon to reach 10 million worldwide

Like we needed any more evidence that the Galaxy S is slowly taking over the world, but Samsung recently announced that they have sold 2 million Galaxy S units since its June launch in their home country of Korea.

They also announced that, at 9.3 million worldwide sales since launch, Samsung are on track to reach 10 million sales by the year’s end — giving the Galaxy S the (somewhat dubious, given the number of variants out there) title of first Android handset to hit the 8 figures mark.

Of course, comparisons to the iPhone are inevitable, so let’s give it a go: Apple have sold “only” 1.8 million units (3GS’s + iPhone 4s, that is) in Korea since the 3GS’s launch there just over a year ago.

Worldwide, of course, things are different: Apple has sold 14 million iPhone 4’s worldwide in about the same time that Samsung sold their 9.3 million.

Despite this, moving nearly 10 million units of any high-end electronic device is still cause for celebration, and shows in no uncertain terms that the smartphone market is so hot right now.

[via Into Mobile]