Is Your Cover Crashing Your Kindle 3? Here’s Why

Kindle 3 giving you problems? It just might be your cover. There’s been quite a few users reporting problems with Kindle crashes, and they all seem to have the same thing in common: they are all using a case that connects to the Kindle using the side hooks.

Well, it turns out that the problem may be the hooks themselves, rather then any problem with the Kindle itself. The CEO of Connectify discovered that the hooks in official leather cover are made of metal. The hooks are painted in the version without the light, but the problem is that eventually, the paint wears off. Then you end up with a conductive point (remember the cover with the light uses those hooks to power the light) which causes the Kindle to crash.

For whatever reason he’s pulled his post with all the facts, but fortunately nothing completely disappears from the internet.

There are a couple of options available to you in order to fix the problem; you can either repaint the metal hooks yourself, or Amazon is offering a refund on the defective cases.

[via The Escapist]