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6Wunderkinder raises €500,000 to build slick productivity tool called 'wunderkit'

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6Wunderkinder, a Berlin-based startup, has raised 500,000 euros (or roughly $660,000 at current conversion rates) in its second round of funding.

Germany’s High-Tech Gründerfonds made the investment and will also help the fledgling company by providing know-how and consulting for their upcoming project.

Said project is dubbed wunderkit, which is referred to as a “modern working and productivity platform”.

6Wunderkinder currently offers a slick task management tool called wunderlist, which is available for Mac, Windows and iPhone and was already downloaded over 100,000 times.

Wunderkit will be a more robust productivity platform, aimed to help companies, freelancers and other groups connect and collaborate efficiently on a single platform that “embraces all
necessary tools”.

The funding, which follows an earlier angel funding round that netted the startup 100,000 euros, will be used for financing the technical realization of wunderkit.

The German startup says it is currently hiring a slew of new developers, and implementing the necessary technical infrastructure.

The launch for wunderkit is planned for the first or second quarter of 2011.

If it looks even half as streamlined as the company’s website, or wunderlist for that matter, I suspect many will want to give it a good whirl. Stay tuned.

  • http://www.zinnaglism.com Lukas Zinnagl

    Curios to see how this will be in comparison to http://www.podio.com which is great

  • Wouter


  • billy

    a company trying to build a useful tool gets $600k…but bs ‘social’ sites with no revenue model get millions and millions.

  • http://jetlib.com/news/2010/12/21/6wunderkinder-raises-e500000-to-build-slick-productivity-tool-called-%e2%80%98wunderkit%e2%80%99/ 6Wunderkinder Raises €500,000 To Build Slick Productivity Tool Called ‘wunderkit’ | JetLib News

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  • http://www.alhome.net AL

    I have high hopes for these guys. They look really promising.

  • Alf

    Things Copycat financed by “Copycat Gründerfonds” with public money…unbelievable

    • http://makeastartup.com Benjamin

      @alf: sorry to say, but this is way better then things and with the sync and cross platform approach way more open. innovating existing technologies is not a copy-cat …

  • http://hackfwd.com Lars Hinrichs

    at with 200k you really buildd somehting amazing: Check out the Deadline https://the-deadline.appspot.com/

    Taskmanager in pure HTML5, Andriod, Iphone, Collaboration, Tags, Groups and much more.

  • tom

    who blew who to get this post?

  • jonagoot

    Wunderlist needs Android app.

    Todo.ly has this problem also.

  • http://ohsugar.com.au/2010/12/21/6wunderkinder-raises-e500000-to-build-slick-productivity-tool-called-%e2%80%98wunderkit%e2%80%99/ Oh, Sugar! » 6Wunderkinder Raises €500,000 To Build Slick Productivity Tool Called ‘wunderkit’

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    […] 6Wunderkinder 6Wunderkinder raises €500,000 to build slick productivity tool called ‘wunderkit’ 6Wunderkinder, a Berlin-based startup, has raised 500,000 euros (or roughly $660,000 at current conversion rates) in its second round of funding. TechCrunch Europe […]

  • Julia

    Lars Hinrichs should better take an English 101 class since he has a lot of freetime nowadays :-)

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  • http://thislooksfamiliar.tumblr.com thislooksfamiliar

    what is their business model for this? no ads, free apps. are they stealing my data or setting me up to have the rug pulled out from under me once i get dependent on the service and they go bankrupt?

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  • http://todo-management.blogspot.com andrej

    the business model seems to be promotional/marketing: They are working on a second paid app: wunderkit – which I look forward to.
    For a review of wunderlist check out this post: http://todo-management.blogspot.com/2011/03/review-wunderlist-popular-gorgeous-task.html

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  • Enrique Reyna

    Very interesting, I wonder if the 6Wunderkinder have any solution or application for Android platform

  • wendy

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  • http://www.6wunderkinder.com/blog/2011/10/20/the-wunderkit-show-is-about-to-start-grab-a-front-row-seat/ The Wunderkit show is about to start. Grab a front row seat! | 6Wunderkinder

    […] think we all agree that this waiting list will be pretty huge. A lot of people have been waiting patiently for Wunderkit, and it even became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. So, we’ve devised a […]

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    […] Ende letzten Jahres erhielten die 6Wunderkinder Risikokapital, vorwiegend um das neue Produkt namens Wunderkit zu entwickeln. Was genau Wunderkit sein würde, blieb bislang im Unklaren. Mit einiger Unsicherheit hätte man unter sprachlicher Interpretation allerdings drauf kommen können, was hier wohl gemeint ist. […]

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