Roku Sales Double Following Apple TV Announcement

I wonder if we might be getting a little causation mixed in with our correlation here. Roku’s CEO has noted that when the Apple TV launched at the beginning of September, Roku sales saw a jump. I mean, not like day-of (though maybe a little, since we gave the little box a big plug at the time), but since that time, sales have actually doubled.

They’re actually planning on shipping their millionth item this month, which I’m sure will be followed by no small amount of celebration. And although Apple deserves some credit for raising the profile of devices like the Apple TV and Roku, let’s not forget that this is the second Apple TV, and devices like these have been around for years now. I’d say the popularity of streaming services like Netflix’s have hit the tipping point recently, and that’s more what we’re seeing.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]