Brazilian Startup DeskMetrics Raises Seed Round For Desktop Software Analytics

Brazilian startup DeskMetrics, which offers tools and analytics services to help developers track how their customers are using native desktop applications, has closed a $200,000 seed round from a group of regional angel investors (the startup isn’t disclosing the names of the investors involved).

DeskMetrics launched in October, offering developers a set of native components they could integrate into their desktop software to perform advanced analytics tracking. It’s a lot like a web analytics service for the desktop — with these components integrated, developers can tell when users have installed or uninstalled an app, and even which buttons they’re clicking within an application.

Obviously there’s a bit of a creepiness factor (comments in our original article note that this sounds suspiciously like spyware), but DeskMetrics points out that Microsoft has used similar technology in its own software through its Customer Experience Improvement Program. And responsible developers can (and should) always prompt for the user’s consent before recording this data.

Another competitor in this space is Eqatec.