2010 In Review: Toys, Lots And Lots Of Toys

Sorry, we like toys around here and we don’t care what you think. Tonka trucks, robotic spiders and portable gaming systems should make everyone smile. These things are just for young kids anymore. Just think about the rage you can unleash on your office with a motorized Nerf gun.

CrunchGear saw plenty of new toys in 2010 but the following video reviews were our favorite. Join us on a look back at the year’s best toy videos.

Parrot AR.Drone

From the review: But the AR.Drone has renewed my faith in gadgets. It is, in short, the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Hexbug Spiders


From the review: They should provide you with enough cubicle entertainment to more than justify the $24.99 price tag. Be warned though, there are only two discrete IR channels, which somewhat limits the size of your spider army to just a pair of marauding robots.

Nerf Stampede ECS-50

From the review: Seriously. This is a monster. I’ve never seen a Nerf gun like this one. It makes you feel like freaking Rambo with a gut.

Wowwee Paper Jamz Guitar and Amp


From the review: I’d recommend them for someone a bit older, though, because my son is four and didn’t quite get the my “None more black” jokes.


From the review: Should you buy a DSi XL? Sure, if you don’t already have a DSi.

Rubik’s Slide


From the release: What good is a Rubik’s Slide if you can’t take off all the stickers and convince your mom that you’re a super genius? Interestingly, however, the Rubik’s Slide doesn’t use stickers and it’s actually much harder than it looks.

Fisher Price Bigfoot

From the release: Who doesn’t like Bigfoot. Nobody, that’s who. I got a chance to look at Mattel’s singing, dancing, and rolling Bigfoot robot. He can even throw balls at you and sleeps when he gets tired. Very, very cute.

Tonka Ricochet RC Car


From the review: I haven’t been a big fan of remote control cars simply because they’re usually cheaply made and the remote is often separated from the controller and lost, rendering the toy useless. While I’m not about to say that this $79 car will suffer the same fate, but it is very solidly built and the remote is rugged enough that you don’t have to throw it away immediately. Generally it’s a Tonka truck with a big battery, which should guarantee a few years of play.