The iPhone, now with Unnecessary Censorship (in a good way!)

Unnecessarily censoring otherwise innocent videos to make them seem naughty is funny. Hell, Jimmy Kimmel built up his entire late night career around it. But these days, who has the time to draw all those newfangled black boxes, or dub over all those context-damning “BEEP!“s?

Further proving that an iOS app exists for absolutely everything, the guys behind Drawing Pad for iPad have just released the aptly named Unnecessary Censorship. The sole purpose of the app? To take all the hard work out of making it seem like your friends said something they didn’t. It does Beeps! It does censorship boxes! It does pixelation blurs! Watch the demo video after the jump, if only because it’s one of the most over-the-top promo videos I’ve ever seen. EXPLOSIIOOOOOOON!

You can find the app for $1.99 right here [iTunes Link].