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ShopWithYourFriends, is a new online social shopping tool for ecommerce that enables users to shop together in real-time with multiple friends from popular social networks. Think of it as a way to shop with your Facebook pals (for instance), as if they were there in the shop with you.

Coming out of The Netherlands, it’s been in development for a couple of years of pilot testing, and recently teamed up with large ecommerce player OTTO, which has a large pan-European footprint. However, although an actual ShopWithYourFriends site is planned next year you can only access it in online shops from OTTO in The Netherlands right now. It’s currently available to online apparel websites only, but there are plans to launch a co-shopping portal in early 2011.

Essentialy it’s like a TweetThis for shopping. You select the friends you want to shop with and can drag and drop products you like and want to share. The widget integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger and Hyves.

Integrated chat and Skype functionality sites around the creation of co-created ‘lookbooks’ and lists of favorite products. The business model is almost exactly like Skimbit from two years ago, but before they relaunched as Skimlinks, aiming at content publishers rather than ecommerce shops.

Founded in 2008, ShopWithYourFriends is woned by Chatventure, a privately held company based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Laurens Bushoff is CEO and founder of ShopWithYourFriends.

I have to say I’m a little unimpressed by this. To not have an actual portal site for consumers after two years in development is lame. I continue to be amazed at the way some European startups behave in this manner. Like, how hard is it these days to integrate these social networks?

Although it would appear they are targeting ecommerce businesses first in order to gain inventory for people to shop around, it seems they are missing the opportunity to get people used to the idea of using their platform first.

How to use Shopwithyourfriends? from on Vimeo.

  • Laurens Bushoff

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the post. ShopWithYourFriends is more than just TweetThis. It is real-time collaboration with multiple friends from social networks using a co-browsing technique to screenshare all movements. As far as I know, there is no similar app where you can co-create outfits with multiple friends like you can with ShopWithYourFriends. I’d appreciate the opportunity to show you a demo of exactly how it works. Is there a good date/time that works for you? You can contact me at lbushoff (at) chatventure (dot) com.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

    Laurens Bushoff
    Founder & CEO

  • Matt Scoble


    Thanks for the article on an interesting player in the social shopping space. The amount of innovation and experimentation that is going on clearly indicates how important this area is becoming.

    While we at Quorus also focus on this space we take a somewhat different approach to ShopWithYourFriends. As opposed to creating a “style” to share with friends, we enable discussions around the shopping experience–whatever the item is that someone is looking for. Integrated right into the core site experience.

    However, I admire what Laurens and his team have built and they are pursuing this model in a big way. To say you are “unimpressed” is, I think, a bit harsh because they appear to have elegantly solved some tricky technical issues and have packaged the solution up in a nice way that is accessible to many small ecommerce sites. Not insignificant.

    Also, the idea of building a portal first rather than pursuing the enterprise model has significant implications from a capital perspective–there are lots of portals out today (Kaboodle, ShopStyle, etc.), and it seems unclear how much traction they are getting right now.

    But thank you for the focus on this space. If you’re interested in our approach with Quorus Discuss, I would love to connect!

    Matt Scoble
    VP Business Development

  • Iqbal Gandham

    Maybe its the weather (snow) or maybe its just my thinking, but I don’t really get ‘social shopping’.

    Sure you can ask people for their opinions on what you may wish to buy, but having them collaborate in real time is just a pain. Also looking at the demographics, most teenagers would much rather just meet up on a saturday afternoon and go through the clothes, rather than sit on a PC and choose an outfit.

    …then again I maybe way off target.


  • Melinda Love

    I like this idea a lot, it will do well

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  • Anonymous
  • Andy

    Well, you should try SuittsMe – same idea made the right way

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