PayPal: Holiday Mobile Payments Up 300 Percent

We know that mobile sales have been performing well for PayPal’s parent company eBay, with the marketplace hitting record numbers for the shopping season. PayPal is announcing today that its payments business is also flourishing throughout the holiday shopping season, with a 300 percent increase in mobile payments from the official start of the shopping season (November 15) until now (December 15) compared to the same period last year.

PayPal previously reported a 27 percent increase in total payment volume on Black Friday 2010, compared to the previous year. Generally, PayPal saw an approximately 310 percent increase in mobile shopping on Black Friday.

Additionally, the company is announcing today that it has seen a 67 percentage increase in online charitable donations from the official start of the shopping season compared to last year.

The fact that overall mobile payments for PayPal, which is a popular mobile payments vendor, are up by 300 percent this year is just another sign that e-commerce is going to perform well this holiday season.