MapQuest Launches OpenStreetMap-Powered Mapping Service In The US

MapQuest this morning announced the launch of its first U.S. site built on OpenStreetMap data, an information source encouraging consumer contributions.

This was to be expected, after online mapping service provider MapQuest (owned by AOL, also the owner of TechCrunch) recently recruited Hurricane Coast to manage its $1 million open-source mapping investment fund in the United States.

Do you consider MapQuest to be an also-ran? You might want to check its visitor numbers again – the service reached more than 44 million users in November 2010, according to comScore Media Metrix.

MapQuest Open was already live in the UK, and since September also in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and has recently also expanded to Asia.

The new U.S. site, which lives on, hosts OSM data along with the freshly revamped MapQuest brand and interface.

This partnership makes it a “living map”, MapQuest says, constantly improved by contributors who can add content and details that make the map more specific and useful. Today, there are more than 320,000 registered OpenStreetMap users worldwide.

Examples of map enhancements include detailed tourist attractions, biking and hiking trails, or footpaths through neighborhood parks.