InMobi: iPhone OS dominates European mobile ad market with 31.9% share

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Research from mobile ad network provider InMobi has found that iPhone OS currently dominates the European mobile ad market with a 31.9% share, while Nokia’s share has slide to 19.7%, putting it in second place.

Android OS, meanwhile, is making its way after a slow start in these parts: the platform has gained +9.5 share points between July 2010 and October 2010, growing to a 12.9% share.

The rapid decline of Nokia (-6.0 share points in the past 90 days alone) is a major inflection point for the European mobile advertising community, remarks James Lamberti, VP of Global Research & Marketing at InMobi:

iPhone and Android devices trigger major increases in mobile Internet consumption and drive rapid share gains against Nokia well beyond what shipments data would suggest.

As a whole, the European mobile ad market grew by 88% in merely 90 days, driven by phenomenal increases in Android OS monthly ad impressions (+256 million) and iPhone OS impressions (+260 million) across the continent.

Apple recently launched its iAd mobile ad network in the UK and France, and will soon also make its debut in Germany.

InMobi’s research focused on all regions of Europe including UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia and CIS, Nordics, and dozens of other European countries.

You can download InMobi’s updated network research report, offering a great snapshot of mobile advertising trends in Europe, here.

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  • Ivan de la Jara

    This is simply bullshit. Its not true. This demon business pay to everybody to make things “true”…

    • superchunk

      Easy….easy there. Relax. Not sure what your beef is, but I’ll assume it’s the inference that ads are being dominated by Apple.

      While as a delivery device, the study may be right, based on their targets, the study didn’t mention (or really just didn’t focus on) which ad platforms were involved for each phone. I’m quite sure all those iphone impressions were not iAd-based, since they just launched the thing in the UK.

      • Ivan de la Jara

        Its just imposible that iAds dominate any market. Its just a fact. One application instead a lot of absurd restricted ones? Its simply atupid asume that and is also stupid to think iphone is able to do that in europe. His market share is not so hig. It just another fact. Things that make that topic simple stupid and false. A probably paid LIE.

      • addicted

        And I thought Linux/Apple/MSFT fanbois were bad…

        The fandroids (nokianauts?) take the cake…

      • Ivan de la Jara

        There is no fandroids because they know what they buy so.. Its not posible to be a fan to a thing you know how runs… fanboys are people who dont know they are buying. They are not geeks. Otherwise there is nothing about that or any other like able to change that iAds sucks and nobody uses it because force people to create stupidads in the files old era apple is living. Its simple. Apple is not so big here in europe than the states and they dont have enough market to dominate nothing. France or UK is not the entire Europe. Europe keeps dominated by nokia and symbian shits. Everythign is better than an crApple thing so im waiting for better things… who knows Meego power…

      • SR

        I probably shouldn’t answer since I have a hard time understand what you are rambling about, but here goes nothing!
        Apple (or rather iPhone) is indeed very big in some parts of Europe, like UK, France, and the country where I live, Sweden, where somewhere between 700K-1000K iPhones have been sold with a pop. of 9 million. So about 10% of the citizens own an iPhone.
        So no, not dominated by Nokia at all, especially when it comes to web surfing on the cellphone :-)

      • James

        You need help… because you do not seem to understand what “ad impressions” are.

        When an ad, any ad is viewed on a webpage, that’s an “ad impression”. For example, if I use Google to search for HDTVs on my iPhone, the resulting page will contain ads. Those ads are called “ad impressions”.

        Considering that the iPhone is still the number one smart-phone in any market, where it is on multiple carriers, their is no reason to believe these numbers are not true.

        Even in the US where the iPhone is only on one carrier, they have the largest share of “ad impressions”, only recently tied by Android.

        You’ve been schooled.

      • Ivan de la Jara

        Good joke. I worked coding an ads service xDDDD i KNOW what impressions are. Otherwise = bullshit = lies. Because NOT its NOT the number one by far in Europe. The iphone price in the estates is a lot cheaper than here. If you want to buy an iphone just thrown to the market with any company contract you need to pay 1.000 EUROS, yes 1.000 euros. We must to pay the same price than the estates but at the conversion 1$ = 1€ and our salary is less than the states in most countries so.. Buy an crApple is still for jupies here.

    • David McElroy

      Did you bother to READ the information before you started frothing at the mouth about lies? You seem to be under the impression that it’s claiming 32 percent for iAd. Neither the article nor the data says that. It’s talking about the iPhone as a delivery platform — and ads come from a number of sources. iAds is just one of many.

      So please put a muzzle on it and at least get the facts before attacking like a wounded dog. It obviously hurts you that Apple is doing well, and it must be a terrible thing to get so much of your emotional energy from worrying about which phone people prefer using.

      • Ivan de la Jara

        Both things are untrue :) = lies.

        Apple doing what? fucking the whole prices by x2 and making people believe that a dictadure is good? Apple is doing nothign good to the scene. Closed source, fascism, spam, sectarism…

      • David McElroy

        You can argue that you don’t like Apple, but if you want to argue that data is untrue, we’ll need more than your insane and arrogant rant that things can’t be true because you don’t like them. You’re just proving yourself to have zero credibility.

      • James

        x2 prices? Really?

        Show me a 10″ Android tablet that goes for the same price as the iPad. Funny, I can only find overpriced 7″ Android tablets with 55% less screen space for the same price.

        Also please show me a Macbook Air equivalent for half the price, that has a flash based hard drive and weights only a pound, built from a carved (not stamped) block of aircraft grade aluminum?

        Fascism? Funny, no one is making you buy an iOS device. I fail to see the dictatorship.

      • Ivan de la Jara

        Apple have a lot of credibility of course… And those ranks from “who knows where” too…

        If you want to believe the lies that blogs tells being paid by companies. You are free.

        Before iPhone appears mobile phone costs 500, today phones cost 700€. 200€ more thanks to crApple and all those money they expend selling “news” about old gandmas using iPads without effort. Interesting that those new never comes with other products from other companies? uh? The answer is easy. They pay for “create the truth”. Like in this shit of excuse to say “iads are good” because nobody is buying shitty iads and they wanted to show everybody “how cool idas and apple is”…

        As i told in other comment. The Apple prices in europe comes with a 1$=1€. Here buy the cheaper iPad costs in the apple store 488€, yes 488 euros = $645. You can buy a galaxy tab for 149 euros. You can buy a tablet with a true OS (not those ishits or androids) for that price.

        If you cannot see the fascinsm in their behavior i can only encourage to you to pray for your god-jobs. I cannot do nothign for you. You are sold.

    • Jim Karras

      You’re just upset that your likely employer, Nokia, has fallen behind dramatically.

      It’s really of their own making; they became fat and comfortable and thought that nobody else could challenge them. Instead of bringing newer and better products to market, they kept releasing the same iteration of the N95 over and over until the iPhone forced them to release their 5800.

      If it weren’t for Apple and only up to Nokia, we’d still all be using tiny little beep-beep phones with a T9 keyboard

      • Ivan de la Jara

        yep Nokia is selling the same shit from n95 again and again but they also do other things… and there are other companies…

        Apple done nothing new. They always do something that was just done without success (like touch screens, tablets, ipods) put a red ribbon into it, an apple, double the price, put a few lights and shiny movemets and buy a lot of ads to sells that old fart as new… And everybody smeels it like a rose but is a pure old dirty fart that infect everything they touch… And the word “unable to” become a sadomachoquism instead being the old “fire all those witches” if it being done by microsoft…

        Im tired to heard bullshit about how great apple is and how microsoft/others are. Apples done NOTHING good to the scene and you eat in their hands. This fanatism makes consecuences… Apple will suck you everypenny and then you will tell him “thanks”.

        Those evil ads about Google are angels compared with the evil strategy of Apple. Jobs has became all they hate. His is the new IBM.

      • Ivan de la Jara

        They will be able to sell the iShit and poeple will buy it. Pure fanatism and sectarism… Jobs is god and god decide all your life and the all the computers-related shits… NO i will not eat that iShit because the blogs get paid for difunde such shits…

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  • addicted


    Don’t stop now!!! I keep coming back again and again for your hilarious comments.

    • Ivan de la Jara

      Millions os flys cannot be wrong ¡eat iShit!

  • Melinda Love

    This is good news, they deserve it

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  • InMobi: iPhone OS Dominates European Mobile Ad Market « marcussbarber
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