First Round's Epic Holiday Video Makes Your Startup Portfolio Look… Inadequate

The wait is finally over: it’s holiday season, which means it’s time for First Round Capital’s annual video greeting card. From the intro by First Round Managing Partner Josh Kopelman to Path’s flamingos (you’ll see), this video reaches new heights of awesome (and goofiness). I’ve never wanted a muscle suit more.

If you have’t seen them yet, make sure to check out First Round’s previous holiday greetings, which included a sing-along inspired by Les Misérables in 2009 and a dancing-themed video that helped brighten up the gloomy days of 2008.

Update: First Round is really going all in with this, and it’s awesome. They’ve now taken to YouTube to post video responses to tweets about the holiday video card. Make sure to watch the top one in response to our co-editor Erick Schonfeld. You can find all of the responses right here.