Face Recognition For Dogs, Cats And Birds? There's Software For That (Video)

Earlier this year, Fujifilm released the Finepix Z700, a camera that’s able to detect the faces of cats and dogs. Now Panasonic System Networks has updated FaceU [JP], a technology that recognizes not only faces of cats and dogs but also birds. It may sound a bit ridiculous (it possibly is), but FaceU helps you to make a picture when your pet look towards the camera automatically.

And as pet owners know, this can take quite a while (FaceU also detects human faces, by the way). The software groups pet photos based on whether they are cats, dogs or birds. It’s even possible to detect the faces of individual pets and group photos of these, too (so you don’t need to tag them anymore).

Panasonic has integrated FaceU in some Lumix cameras in the past few months, but plans to offer the updated version to makers of cell phones, game consoles, PCs, and security cameras, too.

This video (provided by Diginfonews in Tokyo) shows FaceU in action: