Truphone re-brands as Tru. Forgets to buy the .com (Update: It's owned by Toys R Us)

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Without much fanfare Truphone, international mobile roaming and app company, has decided to re-brand as “Tru”. Like all re-brandings this is a path fraught with danger, as people must now be put through the pain of constantly correcting themselves when referring to the company. And it’s always fun when the re-brand is a word you might actually use generically, leading to all sorts of confusion. All very Tru… I mean true.

A post on the site’s customer site says today:

You may have noticed that we are no longer Truphone. Well spotted.

From now on Truphone will simply be known as ‘Tru’- a move that shows our commitment to be Tru to you.

We believe that ‘Tru’ embodies our promise to you. Tru means we’ll give you a fair deal when you travel, charging you local, not roaming rates, in a growing number of countries. We are also the first global mobile network as we are the first to disregard borders when it comes to our price plans.

Our brand new website is the perfect place to find out more about Tru. We would love to hear what you think about it too – let us know by emailing or by leaving a comment in this forum. Feel free to leave us a question or suggestion too if you like.

Kind Regards,
Heath from the Tru team

Lovely stuff. And the new site looks good too. There’s just one problem. Tru, does not own That’s owned by one “Geoffrey LLC” of Wayne, New Jersey, will be until at least January 2012 and doesn’t currently work. Let’s hope this is all part of the new strategy.

Update: As commenters point out Geoffrey LLC is Toys R Us. Good luck getting that URL then Truphone.

  • Simone Cicero is Toys R Us. :)

    • Paul W

      That’s right – @mikebutcher – Geoffrey LLC is Toys ‘R Us.

      • Steve

        Just do a google image search of ” Geoffrey the Giraffe” their cartoon mascot. Reminds me of shopping at Toys R Us when my kid were little.

        I think if “” had been available Tru TV would have used it.

  • Brian D

    And myspace does not own my[____].com … what’s your point ?

    • Paul W

      Google “myspace” and then Google “tru” and you’ll understand the point.

      They’ve made themselves unfindable. Anyone hearing a reference to it, eg “I use Tru”, won’t be able to find it easily. Most people either stick “.com” on the end to find something, or Google it.

      This is a High School level mistake.

      • Brian D

        You mean google no longer sells keywords ?

      • Paul W

        Yes they do. It’s called “advertising” and it’s a shame to have to pay for your own brandname to feature on Google, and then not in the main search results.

  • milanoman

    tru = deadpool.

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Nice way to show truthfulness ! I admit with Tru Style.

  • Tim Panton

    It does look like a mistake, but it may not be tru’ly fatal as they are effectively a mobile SIM operator now, not principally a web property.

    • Paul W

      Is the website part of the same company? The logo’s look the same….

      • Bob McGregor

        It does not look as if has anything to do with tru – based upon the registrant’s details at

  • Chloe

    Thanks for the post Mike, glad you like the new website! Right now, you can find us on – and we will be building more and more around the domain over the next few months. Evolving the brand is a series of steps, and as we have so many thousands of customers who know us as Truphone, we have planned to do this over time.

  • Bob McGregor

    From where I am sitting, dropping the ‘phone’ bit of ‘truphone’ makes good sense – as they are doing a lot more than just ‘phones’.

    I just did a check of the trademark database (at ) – and sure enough – tru (and TRU) are well and tru’ly registered. As TRU (or tru) is a brand the exact form of the internet domain is not that mission critical…..

    Possibly another bigger problem is that there is a rap artist who goes by the name of ‘Tru’ – gives an example of his output!

  • Tim Panton

    Let’s just hope they don’t try and use the
    ‘Tru calling’ tagline. – see

    Although association with Ms Dushku wouldn’t harm them :-)

  • Srinivas Kumar

    Looks good by dropping phone

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  • Ajax Jones

    sounds like a polite sneeze. A Tru

  • Dan

    Better brand but it will be more difficult for them to be found online if they cannot get the .com or tru domain.

  • CynthiaDenver

    ROFL – This is the smartest statement in the PR release: “From now on Truphone will simply be known as ‘Tru’- a move that shows our commitment to be Tru to you. ”

    Users will surely mispel the domain name.

  • Paul W

    The .co TLD is too new for anyone to recognise it. Anyone seeing will think it’s a typo for

    I just noticed also that they don’t know the Twitter address @tru – that’s almost as bad these days as not having the dot com. That’s owned by one Trudi Tilley, who at least does sound like an amazing woman (from her profile “Sticking two fingers up at Multiple Sclerosis.”).

    I do hope Truphone don’t bully her into giving it up.

  • Melinda Love

    Great product and idea, good luck

    • Paul W

      Good idea, bad product, poor marketing.

      >>good luck<<

      They're going to need it ;)

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  • @tru

    As THE @tru on Twitter I can assure you that I AM amazing (!) as well as bored, bored, bored of @’mentions’ which pertain to some telecoms company not nearly as interesting as I am… ;-)

    • Paul W

      Offer it to them for $500k… that should make it somewhat less boring ;)

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