GateGuru Adds TripIt Integration, Security Wait Times To Airport App

GateGuru, the iPhone app that’s been called the Yelp for Airports, is releasing a new version today, that makes it even more of a go-to destination for travelers.

For those of you that have’t heard of or used GateGuru, it essentially allows travelers to locate food, shopping and service options within any airport. The app developer’s community of around 90,000 monthly users have generated over 11,000 review and over 3,000 pictures of airport amenities.

With the new version of the app, founder Dan Gellert says that GateGuru has become a more broader travel platform. He says that while Trip Advisor is great for planning and Expedia is great for booking; GateGuru is the best way to get through traveling to and from airports.

New features in the app include itinerary management through integrations with TripIt and Kayak, and the ability to access security wait times (these are crowdsourced through user input).

The app has also furthered its expansion to profiling international airports, with 10 new international airports and includes integration with foursquare and gowalla so you can check-in directly from GateGuru.

In the future, Gellert says that GatGuru will include real-time information on flight times and delays.