The iBottleOpener Is A… Yeah, You Guessed It

Oh, third-party accessory makers; is there anything you won’t make for the iPhone? You’ve made it into a wallet; you’ve made it into meat thermometer. You also made this… thing.

And now, for just $19.99, you can turn your $500 phone into a 50 cent bar tool!

Given that the name is “iBottleOpener“, this thing probably warrants no explanation… but here goes: Because nothing mixes with alcohol like expensive gadgetry, the iBottleOpener converts your boring, not-covered-in-beer iPhone into a bottle opener. It’s one part bottle opener, one part protective case, and all parts hella-awesome-dawg-BRO-HIGH-FIVE.

Still perplexed as to how it works? Check out the promo video below. At the very least, it’s worth it for the “”Yeaaaaah, buddy” about 15 seconds in.