Need a gift for your kid? Alven Capital puts €2 million into Smallable

It’s December 14th. The holidays are getting closer…and closer…And with only 10 days until Christmas, I am sure there are tons of parents still frantically searching for something for their kids. Hoping to avoid crowded malls, many are perhaps buying gifts online. So what better time to announce a €2 million ($2.6 million) investment in an online store with over 150 of the hottest clothing, decoration, toy and furniture brands for kids than now ?

Smallable, a Paris-based e-commerce startup founded in 2008, has just announced a 2 million euro investment from French VC firm Alven Capital. For anyone who doesn’t know, Alven is the French VC behind up-and-coming French startup MyFab. This investment is in-line with the not-so-new e-commerce investment trend in France (EspaceMax, ShowroomprivéInstantLuxe…) but is perhaps one of the country’s very first investments  that addresses e-commerce oriented towards the 0-12 year-old age range.

OK, sure, you can probably find tons of gifts for children on numerous other e-commerce platforms, including the likes of Amazon and whatnot, but you’re not likely to find exclusive brands like Isabel Marat or Offi. Or maybe you’re looking for a designer rag doll or an eco-friendly children’s gift ? No seriously, I didn’t even know that designer rag dolls existed before I saw the site.

Now, with 2 million euros in the bank, the Smallable team is planning to continue developing the product line and expanding internationally. The site available in English and French and 50% of the company’s turnover currently comes from abroad – mainly English speaking countries (the UK, US, Australia…) but also Italy, Spain and some Asian countries as well.

So if you’re one of those people freaking out about what to get your kid (or somebody else’s kid) this holiday season, consider taking a look at what Smallable has going on.